Events and Training Dates

3rd June 2011Creative Life Center, treat Sedona Arizona, USA. Experiential evening exploring Alchemy Techniques  – suggested donation $5

July 5-7th 20113 day Alchemy Introductory workshop in Sedona, Arizona. Cost for training $450 – venue details to be announced shortly.

September 20113 day Basics class in Auckland, New Zealand

October 28th-30th 20113 day Basics class in Auckland, New Zealand

December 9th-11th 2011 - 3 day Basics class on Waiheke Island, New Zealand

December 31st 4pm-5.30pm - Prana Festival New Zealand Sacred Alchemy experiential workshop                 

January 2nd 2012 9am-10.30am – Prana Festival New Zealand – Sacred Alchemy experiential workshop       


February 10-12th 2012 Sex & Consciousness Conference – Byron Bay, Australia – Alchemy presentation

February 2012  February 3-5th, Basics & Intro course – Melbourne, Australia (contact Eleanor)

February 2012 February 17-19th,  Basics & Intro course – Byron Bay, Australia (contact Eleanor)

New Spirit Festival 26th February

Evening Talk: Implications for Women’s Health & Happiness – with Deborah Taj Anapol ( 29th February 7-9 p.m.

Weekend Workshop: Sexual Healing for Women Only with Deborah Taj Anapol and Eleanor Bauarschi 3-4th March 2012

Sacred Alchemy for the Modern Day Mystic – Basics & Introduction  MARCH 16-18th  with Eleanor Bauarschi and Fleur Chetwynd.  We are holding this on on the land in a tipi.  Weaving together with sweat lodge, and food grown on the land… we will use ceremony as a powerful tool to invoke sacred space and healing.  $450 NZ


June – July 2012 –  A series of one week Alchemy Techniques trainings are planned in The UK, Poland and Greece. Details to be announced. First confirmed date is 16th June, 2012 at Newbold House, Forres, Scotland.

If you would like to explore organizing an Alchemy Techniques training in your area, please contact us to discuss details.

For more information email
As we evolve and expand our awareness towards a state of Oneness we come up against all our identities, food
and our belief’s (conscious and subconscious).  Many beliefs are created from unresolved traumatic material that lies within the subconscious mind within the body biology.  While we may be committed to ‘healing’ ourselves there is an inherent mechanism within the instinctual part of ourselves (reptilian brain) that may be resisting all your efforts.  There is effectively nothing you can ‘do’ to fix or sort this part of yourself out, drugs
  as it is linked deeply to your survival instincts and has the power to override any efforts your ‘mind’ makes to deal with it.  We call this the  ‘homeostatis of consciousness’.   While we may not be feeling either loving, diet
joyful, peaceful or happy our ‘being’ is surviving, it works! Another way of recognizing this is in our Resistance to change.   In contrast to this is the divine energy of love to which we are inherently drawn and this is reflected in the part of us that wants to grow and exceed our current limits.  The work of healing and transcendence is to find a balance and pathway where we can feel ‘safe’ (survival instinct) enough to grow and evolve our consciousness to becoming the full potential that we truly are.  Perhaps another way to say this is that we are opening up beyond existing pathways which are based on avoidance (Flight), conflict (Fight) and being stuck (freeze) toward Presence where there are no pathways just unlimited possibilities (Flow).

Alchemy Techniques is a collection of tools to release trauma (transcend existing pathways) from its root within our subconscious mind and blends this with a proven and powerful set of Conscious Choice techniques which include both intention coupled with embodiment of the divine energies and thereby bringing access to elevated states of consciousness.  Removing traumatic material can also ‘pop’ you into an elevated state of consciousness and the two facilities work hand in hand.  The other piece of the triangle is of course Awareness.  An evolved Awareness has access to the entire body and all its sensations all the time.  It is through ‘feeling’ sensations that we come in contact with the divine as well as the traumatic material (which is purely unresolved, unexpressed, unmetabolized energy) which is ‘blocking’ the light of the divine.  On the other side of the same coin is the ‘knowing’ neo cortex part of the mind which is typically the part which is in the way of surrendering to the present moment experience.  This is the bit that writes the story, which is already one step removed from the experience and can never be true.  Check out your stories, and as Byron Katie would say, ask yourself ‘Is that really true?  Do I know for sure that that story is true?’.  Then remember Oneness is beyond Knowing.

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