This is currently Module 3 in the Alchemy Techniques training program.  We transition from healing into Self Inquiry using the tools learned in the prior courses as the foundation.
There is much to consider when endeavouring to be present… in the NOW, this
  as they say.  Often we may feel present, read
but there are different levels of presence and what we are present to.  For example, when we are present are we present to the outside environment, (sun, wind, temperature, sounds, etc) as well as the inside environment?  Are we present to our thoughts, our feelings and the sensations of our whole body right NOW?   How much of the present moment are we therefore conscious of?  In the diagram we can see that if we became present to the  whole ‘now’, we would be present also to any ‘unhealed’ past experiences and their emotional content.  This brings up the idea of resistance, and also of our ‘identity’.   Our identity has been formed by many things, not least of which are our interactions with others and past traumatic material connected to survival instinct.   Resistance, which may be either conscious or unconscious is when we are attached to some idea of ourselves.  We may say we want to be different, to heal, etc.  but of course there are parts of us that we are not aware of (not conscious of), that have a whole lot invested in having us ‘stay the same’.    It keeps us trapped in seeing the world through the filters of our past experiences, which of course influences/colours our possible future experiences.   If we could be present to the whole NOW experience we would ‘see’ all these resistances, and often seeing them is enough for them to release and for our attachment to our identities to soften.  However, what we see requires sincerity, intent and an attitude of surrender (open to truth), how far we get is dependent on what we are willing/able to let go of right now.  There is an innate wisdom in us also, as if we let go of everything in one go it might be too disruptive and disorienting in our lives and overload the nervous system too much, so we tend to release what is ready to go.   The more present we become the more able we are to let go.   If we can become very deeply relaxed, very deeply peaceful, and very deeply open… we start to develop access to a deeper more whole sort of presence… to the quality of ‘being’.  In these types of places (whether we can be there all the time or some of the time), we let go of the attachments,  we become clear (the filters are gone) and more possibilities are accessible.  Without this deeper presence we tend to continue letting life happen through us and we can see the results by looking at the issues in our life, and the repeating patterns we keep creating now and on into the future.  Becoming present releases you from the fears and beliefs that limit you.   This work is not for sissy’s though, it requires 100% responsibility and the courage to face the whole of you.   The more you do this work, the more limit/beliefs you transcend, the more present you become, it’s a bit chicken and egg.   Having said that, we live in amazing times, we have the secrets of ancient wisdom combined with the findings of modern science and consciousness research.  Becoming present is not just available to committed yogis, monks, and those special peoples.  This is available to all of us… NOW!


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