A healing session with an Alchemy Techniques Therapist can help you learn to embody Core Essence, cheapest
  heal trauma, link
improve your relationships, remove emotional and spiritual blockages and explore ecstatic and expanded states of consciousness.

Alchemy Techniques

Uncover Your True Nature Through Direct Experience

Having spent 2 years working in consciousness research with the Institute for the Study of Peak States (ISPS), look and previously as a therapist healer, ask
Thessa Egan decided to develop her  techniques to support transformational healing towards elevated levels of consciousness.  ISPS had a basis of about 25 years of research at this point, however, there was a divergence of interests and focus so the Thessa split off in June 2009 to further develop and test the techniques outside the laboratory.  Thessa’s high sense perception and vision allowed her to develop models of consciousness and techniques that rapidly helped others to heal themselves by learning and integrating the basic principles.  At that time the techniques were  introduced and taught to a select group, including me (Eleanor), who had also studied with ISPS and since then have been taught to a variety of lay people, teachers and healers across the globe.  The R&D has continued and been enhanced by the team, and students along the way.  The research has now matured into a variety of training programs for self-mastery and tools for people to become exceptional healers.  We are now opening the doors to find ways to offer these technologies to the world as we fully believe from our experiences thus far,  in the possibility that these are the precursor to a whole new paradigm for healing beyond the established and conventional medical and even alternative models used today.

The Alchemy Techniques are applicable wherever you are at on your journey of transformation and will deliver you into a deeper more profound and expanded understanding of your true nature; the ground of being.  This way of experiencing ourselves more consciously leads to a sense of wholeness and inspires  people  to live a more fulfilling life expressing their full potential.  It is our belief that these techniques and practices are the cornerstone for humanity to develop a new, more conscious way of life, which maintains the integrity of ourselves yet integrates an experience of ourselves as interconnected to all life, an understanding of ourselves as inseparable from the ‘one’.  This is not merely an intellectual understanding, this is an actual experience.

Through this approach of developing Awareness, we are evolving ourselves to a new level of understanding regarding our integrity, wholeness and unity.  Through healing trauma we are removing the blocks and unfolding into our true nature.  Through direct experience of embodying core essence we are remembering the truth of who we are.

You may start your journey with Alchemy  Techniques  with the idea of using the tools  to heal  core emotional traumas and beliefs which will thereby enable you to express your core essence and live a more fulfilling happy life expressing your full potential.  As you continue however, you will move beyond the whole idea of healing and work more from an experience of being present, and through more of a meditative engagement with life…’the flow state’.  In this regard the tools and techniques become personalized then integrated and ultimately  obsolete.  The work of AT has  a spiraling effect where the use of tools and daily practices take you into an integrated more unified experience of yourself, where you become the master and able to experience yourself with  qualities of integrity, wholeness and unity; thereby engaging in life authentically.

In contrast to this, or challenging this, are our resistance to being our true nature (some call it the ego…perhaps more correctly a dysfunctional ego), additionally there are  ‘outside influences’ (parasitic like energy forms), that confuse our sense of self and are actually created by us so that we might feel a sense of belonging, loved and unafraid.   AT has techniques and processes which deeply connect you to an inspirational energy that helps overcome  resistance as well as provides tools to help you see the blocks and work through them; we call these blocks trauma.  These blocks are part of an inherent mechanism within us based upon our survival instincts.  Trauma is anything which prevents us from experiencing and expressing our true nature (love, joy, peace, happiness, bliss). Our experiences so far, in this work, have been highly successful and our programs are designed to get you through these levels and plateaus where your ego is telling you it is not working and you want to give up, or where you are likely to get distracted by the usual busy-ness, or feed your coping strategies and addictions!

Alchemy Techniques (AT) is the name for a collection of techniques and practices that combine cutting edge trauma healing methods, techniques for experiencing core essence (bliss/light energies) and embodiment  of them as well as expanding/deepening  awareness into higher states of consciousness.  It is informed, inspired and validated through some of the latest developments in consciousness research,  modern science and with the ancient wisdom of other transformational and Spiritual disciplines. It is, however,  primarily created through the direct experience of several individuals, who found a way to describe and duplicate in others what was working within themselves.  Within this work we use several ‘models of consciousness’, not as an absolute truth but in a supportive way for achieving self-mastery.    The synthesis of these three aspects of the work (Awareness, Core Essence and Trauma Healing) create a potent, powerful and rapid kit for transformation by clearing blocks at the causal level.  As such, by becoming more deeply aware, more light is available and healing happens easily (when we ‘see’ the cause of our suffering, the act of just seeing is the healer), by embodying more light more trauma (limiting beliefs) are healed and more awareness becomes available, and by clearing traumatic imprints, more light and awareness become available.  Ultimately we become a unification  of light, awareness and form …expressing in divine flow.

So how do we go about transforming ourselves?

As a backdrop to our work we employ several foundation principles, including ’100% responsibility’, and ‘Our life is our curriculum’.   So not only am ‘I creating my reality’,  so there is no blame…  but I recognize I may be creating it subconsciously.  In other words I am magnetizing toward me the people and events which resonate with my ‘vibration’ or my subconscious trauma.  We learn to have an attitude of seeing subconscious trauma as an opportunity and portal for transformation, rather than going into normal resistance patterns.  Check out the discussion on the difference between the law of attraction… and our concepts of  ‘getting into alignment with life’.  So the goal here is to evolve consciousness to a place where the conscious mind is aware of the subconscious, and even the collective unconscious thereby becoming super conscious.

AT includes a variety of techniques and practices to expand and deepen awareness and develop flexibility to perceive in different ways by choice, these are  central ingredients for our transformation.

There are also a variety of methods, involving conscious choice, which allow people to develop a practice and pathways toward more pleasant states and content of mind.  Until these pathways are integrated and accessible to us as a normal part of our experience, we teach people to develop a daily practice (a minimum of 20 minutes per day).  The Santosha practice (contentment in daily life) is an energetic mediation process to connect with energies of appreciation, gratitude, love, joy, reverence, awe and more.  The practice literally shapes our day and  enables us  to express our core/divine essence which is equated with a sense of  connection to all life and feeling states of Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness.

Trauma Healing

The quality of our life experience, including our relationships and our emotional sense of well-being, is largely dependent upon the influence of past traumatic events on the present moment. In other words, past traumatic experiences colour our present moment experience. AT draws upon the latest developments in trauma healing and its own research to provide techniques and protocols for quickly healing large parts of our subconscious traumatic material.  These techniques are more powerful, potent and rapid due to the synthesis with Awareness and Core Essence techniques and practices.  This is the key part of the transformational process, as without it we tend to fall back into dysfunctional patterns of behaviour, however well intentioned or disciplined we are.

Alchemy Techniques as a career

We believe there are exceptional opportunities with this work for people already working as therapists or healers and those wishing to support others on their journey to a fulfilling and inspired life.  To become an exceptional healer, we must first heal ourselves.  Love is found within us.  While the basic tools facilitate this we also have exceptional tools to support being an exceptional healer, and teacher.  For example, using the non-local aspects of consciousness, we teach healers to merge their conscious with a client in order that they can perceive (energetically and through high sense perception) what is happening within the subconscious mind of the client.  Of course to start with we have techniques to clear any reactive subconscious imprints that the practitioner may have in reaction to the client.  This is important as the client’s subconscious mind is not usually wanting to be seen, to change, to be discovered (this is the ego’s resistance).  So even though people say they want to heal, there is a part of them, their ‘survival’ instincts that are usually working against this.  These tools based on the non-local aspects of consciousness are powerful in helping us understand how our thoughts, emotions and energies are constantly creating experience and also affecting others profoundly.  We teach others to see and experience, for example how a judging thought, affects your energy (subconscious mind) and the energy of the person you were judging… this becomes  ample inspiration and motivation to become 100% responsible and the master of your thoughts.