Thessa Egan created Alchemy Techniques with her husband Rob in 2009.   She has worked as a practitioner of  various healing and meditation modalities including trauma healing, viagra nutrition, phimosis allergy elimination therapy and herbalism. Her background in experience-based consciousness research has allowed her to develop advanced trauma healing techniques and the Alchemy Techniques training program. She says about her work, patient ‘I see my role as developer of and teacher in Structural Self Inquiry as one of guide, and fellow traveler along the path.  I am not here to pass along some great knowledge but to help the student develop the skills to gain that knowledge from within themselves and be able to share this amongst their peers.’  See also Thessa’s Vital Intuitive website.



Some of the students who have completed our entire training program are working with clients as practitioners of various healing modalities, including alchemy techniques.  They tend to use a needed tool based on their own tool box, the client and the issue at hand.

The practitioners listed below have all finished the Alchemy Techniques course through module 4.  Our therapist training program is designed to develop practitioners of any healing modality at the level of realizing the principles behind healing itself, making the therapist more efficient and skilled within any healing paradigm that they work with. By the time someone finishes module 4, they have been doing intense, 1 on 1/2 inner work with us for 2 years or more.  Their clients benefit from the deep level of internal integration that their practitioner has been intensely pursuing during their training.  We are proud to recommend them to you as we feel they represent the quality and integrity of being that we expect in any practitioner in the healing field.

The practitioners are listed in order of country:


Betina Ekman

Languages:  Danish, English


Contact: Phone (45) 61 55 25 58



Fleur Chetwynd
I am deeply passionate about my path of healing and reclamation. I am trained in various healing arts that work with great depth and wisdom in developing presence.  Over the years i have developed my natural intuitive abilities, understanding of the nature of being and nature of seperation and suffering, thus deepening my shamanic awareness skills and capacity to evolve in consciousness trauma research and healing. Working in consciousness trauma therapies such as Alchemy Healing Techniques has provided me with the tools my being was searching for to realise the unlimited potential within to live an esctatic life of love and celebration. Serving myself and others towards connecting in authenticity is my creative expression in the world, and i truly love and celebrate it.




New Zealand

Leonora Bauarschi, Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Creator of Embody Truth, teacher, healer, mystic, gardener and artist.

My passion is to provide tools to help others heal themselves, and support an evolving consciousness into an expression of our authentic individuality and paradoxically the experience of unity consciousness.  I call this the embodiment of Love.  I have a gift of holding a depth of presence where healing happens through grace.  My affinity for research and study weave together the threads of science, spirituality, ancient wisdom and healing with my own direct experience.  The results are methods to support others in unfolding into their true nature.

I have presented at Sex & Consciousness Conference, Byron Bay Australia in 2011 and 2012, Prana Festival New Zealand, and New Spirit Festival New Zealand 2012.




We also work in close conjunction with Jewels Hayden, Anam Aire (Soul Midwife) especially for clients who are dealing with disease diagnosed as terminal illness or other issues involving death and dying.

“Jewels works with those preparing for death.
Now is the key to living consciously in this present moment, enabling us to express the fullest potential of who we are. And when our time comes we can die consciously ~ make the transition with grace ~ peacefully ~ whole and healed and understanding our true nature. Jewels’ Celtic title is Anam Áire ~ she is a Soul Midwife who works with the dying, also called a Midwife for the Dying. She is a shamanic practitioner who is trained in after death advanced practices.”

Jewels works with Core Expression in the context of dealing with death and dying and also in the process of transitioning after death.

See her website at for more information.