In this work  it has become apparent that most people in certain circumstances experience (perhaps unknowingly) a dissociation from their hearts.  To some extent this can be severe in that they go, site
out of body, sales
or move to thought based processing without  consideration of the heart. In shamanic terms it might be called soul loss.   The Heartmath Institute who are researching heart, stress,  and coherence tell us that the heart has 5000 times more electromagnetic energy than the head/brain.  If we are operating from head we are probably feeling tired, stressed, disconnected from life, and in the duality of survival mode where we feel separate from ourselves, our people and the earth.

The heart wants to connect.

It might seem incredibly simple that all we need to do is focus our awareness in the heart center (center of chest) and breathe deeply and slowly which can quite quickly bring us back into ourselves, and is also the basis of attaining coherence between the head and heart.   Furthermore by creating energetic feelings of love, joy, and appreciation and experiencing them in our hearts for just 20 minutes a day can improve the quality of our lives and heal much of the mind based chatter of negative content that permeates our day.  At the same time, this practice is actually reuniting you with your core essence, your true nature.  It is like reminding the nervous system of  an aspect of the truth of who you are.  Keep a journal and try this as a practice for 21 days (20 minutes a day) and make note of the difference.  Done in the morning it sets the scene for a better day.

The light is a very powerful thing…. darkness is illuminated by it, and even disappears…  So this energetic experience of being in the heart, feeling love and joy and appreciation energetically…. can heal us, improve our sense of well being and also highlight whatever it is that is hiding in the dark, waiting to be healed, waiting to unblock the filters and beliefs that are limiting us from expressing our true nature.

This is a good place to start, continue, or end…. wherever you are on the path.  Try practicing this throughout the day by holding awareness in your heart center,  and while listening or talking to another.  Speak and listen from the heart… this is not just a concept to talk about, this is an experience to be had that can dramatically alter your perception, attitude and sense of yourself in relation to another.  I invite you to try it, and let me know how it goes.

Module 1: Tools for Self Mastery

Module 1 can be taught as a series of 10 sessions, health
usually 1 per week via skype, recipe
or as 2 x 3 day workshops (I and II) with an integration gap in between.

I.  Introduction & Basic Techniques Course

The course is available as a 3 day workshop (contact Eleanor), diagnosis
or via skype (contact Rob or Eleanor) for more info.

The course covers the foundational techniques to  develop pathways and access to improved mind states and content; your core essence, and become more aware of the energetic quality of experience (including the pain body) in order to access and heal subconscious traumatic imprints.   You will be learning to experience energy, your sovereignty, and be able to energetically experience integrity, boundaries and differentiate self from not self.  The course develops competence with a variety of powerful and rapid techniques for healing trauma. Learn the basic tools for expanding conscious awareness and using it to heal trauma. As well as developing a daily practice with gratitude at its core.

  • Begin the journey to the ‘whole’ you; experience your sovereignty, integrity, boundaries and differentiation.
  • Improve access to the source through energy sensing and developing Awareness.
  • Become energetically fully present in this ‘now’ moment.
  • Improve your mind state and content, anytime you want –connect with your core essence.
  • Reprogram the subconscious mind by developing new pathways to core essence, your true nature.
  • Rapidly heal and clear limiting subconscious beliefs.
  • Access higher, expanded states of consciousness on the journey to wholeness.
  • Find out how you perceive, how it affects your experience of life, and how to evolve it.
  • Learn ‘healing narratives’;  new practices for altering  perception that facilitate expansion and healing.
  • Learn to recognize and dissolve your egoic resistance patterns. Expand your conscious awareness as a gateway to heal and transcend subconscious limiting beliefs.

II.  Self Mastery

Prerequisite:  Basics Course.  This course is a 3 day workshop and can also be taught over skype.

We now develop the possibilities to heal deeper issues at the core, and to become more embodied with core essence.   Self-Mastery requires both a stable yet flexible daily practice as well as the aptitude and skills to master the highs and lows of life.   It includes the ability to direct life’s course toward a fulfillment of your true potential. We will learn more ways to develop a daily practice, which is inspired, integrated, flexible and effective.

You will learn methods to become your own therapist, with goal directed healing activities using both inquiry, intention and framing the day as part of the daily practice.  You will learn supportive techniques for using intuition, developing will, breathing exercises, improving energy sensing as well as making choices, for life purpose and living your full potential.

The journey of Self-Mastery calls us to become 100% responsible for our experience, and when we do we reclaim a large amount of power.  We can use this power to transform our lives and have a positive effect on the people closest to us, and the world in general.   We will be doing exercises using the non-local aspects of consciousness, to enable us to ‘see’ and understand the effect of our thoughts on ourself, and others.   You will be able to experience in your own body, the subconscious mind, the effects of negative and positive energy directed at someone.  You will also experience the affects of being both the sender and receiver of these energies.  You will learn the fundamental process with techniques and practices which can transform your energy so that you go beyond being affected by any negative energy from others, and even unlikely to receive any.

The course also includes an ongoing exploration of resistance and why things won’t heal at deeper levels, so that we have tools to work beyond resistance. We will work with Guarding Traumas as well as Positive (a bit like addiction) traumas using the dissolution technique.   We will expand on the tough cookies list to help guide you into healing resistance.

You will learn healing of core issue,  and to access core essence and embody it.   This is a deeper, more powerful way to heal large clusters of traumatic material and speeds up the process making more core essence available. Our aim is to heal at the causal level.

The Awareness practice takes us now to a level we call Unity Consciousness, where we get to experience ourselves as expanded and present.  This continues to change our perception providing more expanded ways of experiencing and is greatly supported as we work with Healing Narratives.  In turn it supports both healing and embodying core essence.

We introduce the Triune Brain Model as we begin the work of Consciousness Unification, by owning our own projections the exercises direct us toward developing unity and a deeper experience of wholeness.

Within the context of this work our trauma healing is empowered by incorporating the new models, an expanded conscious awareness, more core essence embodiment and providing deeper healing as we learn to experience the void and use the power of ‘not knowing’, to unpick and release traumatic imprints.

It includes:

  • Creating a daily practice that will work in our life, and techniques to support success.
  • Framing the day; this is a daily practice based on–Inquiry and Intent which is a powerful force in the process of awareness and transformation.
  • Crisis Management and trauma flooding – what to do.
  • Healing Narratives as a way of perceiving a more expanded perspective to life.
  • Experiencing non-local consciousness, using partners and energy transmission to get clear on the affects of our thoughts on ourselves and others by seeing and feeling their creation at a subconscious level.  This is guaranteed to change your perceptions and inspire you to take 100% responsibility for your own power of creation. We will practice clearing energy and reclaiming our power.
  • Core Essence embodiment work, as a practice and process to manifesting your potential and expressing your gifts and clearing the traumatic blocks that are preventing this.  It is all about getting in alignment with your true nature and true purpose.
  • What to do if something doesn’t heal (tough cookies and more on resistance) includes guarding traumas, positive traumas and ways of ‘seeing’ resistance. We also explore well the ways we sabotage ourselves and how to work with it.
  • The art of healing requires an ability to surrender and relax deeply, in order to support this we will learn special breathing exercises to encourage a deeper relaxation as our natural state, as well as a techniques for relaxing to heal trauma, or as a support to trauma flooding.
  • Healing issues in the core.  This is a powerful way of healing clusters of trauma that are all part of our core issues.
  • Learn the Core expression model of consciousness
  • Learn the Triune Brain Model and experience these different intelligences and how they experience one issue differently.  These un-unified intelligences are the source of our projections.
  • Learn Conscious Unification exercises to support integration, unity and wholeness.
  • Learn techniques to expand consciousness with the Unity Awareness processes.
  • We will do work to develop intuition and also will.

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Module 2 – Advanced Self Mastery & Practitioner Training

This is where we explore advanced states of consciousness and abilities with a focus being on how we can also help others. For those interested, link
this can lead to certification as an Alchemy Practitioner but this is not necessary. Learning to heal others and the advanced abilities this requires is a powerful way to heal and understand ourselves more deeply. Some of the topics on this module are:

  • DEER Technique – Deep Energetic and Emotional Resonance. This enables the practitioner to merge with a client in order to aid their healing. It is also a fundamental tool in the self-inquiry process.
  • Experiential exploration of the non-locality of consciousness. We often hear the idea that we are interconnected and that there is a fundamental unity underpinning reality. We explore this as we experience how our energetic and emotional bodies are influencing each other.
  • Developing shamanic defense skills.
  • Shamanic healing – Applying advanced consciousness skills to aid another’s healing process.
  • Namaste Process – Directly perceiving core essence in others and helping them to cultivate it.
  • Copying Advanced States of Consciousness and Abilities – Using the DEER technique to observe, assess and then self induce advanced states of consciousness and abilities.
  • Inducing Advanced States of Consciousness and Abilities – learning how to induce states in others to aid their unfolding process.
  • Learning how to apply the Alchemy Techniques as a therapist/healer.

For those wanting to certify as Alchemy Practitioners it is necessary to do three or more case studies using the techniques.

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