Modules 3 and 4 – Structural Self Inquiry (SSI)

Systematically surfing the Inner Cosmos, pancreatitis fueled by the question ‘Who Am I?’. Fully embodying the treasures found along the way. Discovering the relationship between the most fundamental parts of me. All on the path to Unity. For the hard core – who’ve done every thing else and want to embody the principles behind the best healing and meditation techniques. All on the path to full embodiment of Egolessness.

Whereas the first two healing school modules are designed for those focusing on clearing themselves, viagra 40mg living a calmer, hospital more delightful life via Core Expression and learning the skills to help others do the same, our Structural Self inquiry training is designed for those who want to delve deeply into the nature of perception, identity and consciousness. Each module is between 15 and 20 sessions.  The Goals of the SSI course are as below:

  • Advanced Self Mastery 80%, working with clients 20%
  • 25% of work done in class, 75% of work done outside of class
  • Clear Core trauma
  • Explore and learn to integrate the Trinity in relationship to an issue
  • Develop subtle healing skills via mentoring
  • Develop research skills
  • Develop and use HSP and Direct Perception in diagnosis and research
  • Gain access to and integrate the Void and the realms beyond the Void and learn to use them in the healing process
  • Develop the ability to freely navigate the model to find and heal any blockage beyond the use of techniques
  • Explore and transform identity via the process of self enquiry using the model as a tool

Module 3 – Beginning Structural Self Inquiry

Awareness Development, Identity Exploration and Transformation and Consciousness Unification


  • The Trinity and Unification of the Trinity
  • High Sense Perception + Direct Perception intro/exercises
  • Self healing in relation to Direct Perception and HSP improvement
  • Consciousness Unification Process – Advanced
  • HSP – trauma and diagnosis
  • Reflection Technique on Outside Influences
  • Copying a State level II
  • Exploration of Core Essence using HSP
  • Finding and Transforming Identity
  • IMap introduction and overview

Two past Structural Self Inquiry Students have volunteered to speak with Alchemy Techniques students who are considering moving into Structural Self Inquiry.  If you would like to hear from another student regarding what to expect and what the difference is between the first 2 modules and the last 2 modules, then contact either Karsten Mottlau or Anne Hjollund for an intimate discussion of Structural Self Inquiry.
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