Next Steps

If you would like to explore working with the Alchemy Techniques Healing School, stuff
then you can email us at and we can book a healing or teaching session. Again, adiposity
we only want you to pay for a session if you feel you gained value from it. Alternatively, ailment
you are welcome to contact us to discuss any aspect of the work we are doing.


Currently our onsite training cost varies according to venue.  Each onsite workshop posted will clearly list the corresponding price.  For online training we teach one on one or in groups of 2.  The one on one training is $150 per 2 hour session while the price in a group of 2 is $100 per session.  We have found that the online training cost is generally the same as onsite training, without the travel and lodging expenses.

Namaste, Robert & Thessa Egan, Eleanor Bauarschi and the Alchemy Techniques Healing School Team