Alchemy Healing

We offer a variety of outcome focused healing sessions. If you are considering training with us, gynecologist or you have an issue you need help in resolving then having a session with one of our therapists is a useful way to explore our methodology. We provide these over Skype, on the telephone or in person. You can choose from the following types of session:

Directly Experience your True Nature – Uncovering your core essence can be a life changing experience.

Release Emotional Pain – Heal the issues and past experiences negatively affecting your life in the present.

Life Purpose Discovery and Embodiment –  Learn to live your purpose and Love your life.

Relationship Enrichment  – A powerful process for enhancing your relationships at a fundamental level. Work on your own, with your partner, friend or family member.

Quiet Mind Process - Reducing mind chatter, moving towards experiencing joyful stillness.

Addictions and Cravings Reduction - Learn effective tools to reduce dysfunctional impulses and behavior.

Integration of Spiritual Awakenings – Many people have spiritual awakening experiences that are difficult for them to integrate on their own.  We specialize in helping people to explore further, understand and live life from a new sense of self after a profound transformational experience.  This includes Kundalini Awakening.

Kundalini Integration – Kundalini Awakening is a common experience along the path of self mastery.  Most people are aware that it can bring up a plethora of physical blockages – for example pains, weakness, continual sexual arousal,  heart palpitations, feeling wired/fried, etc. – as well as profound insights and new abilities.  What most people don’t understand however is how to clear the corresponding blockages, propogating and integrating the transformations that kundalini energy brings.  When the blockages and reactions to the newfound abilities are cleared, the kundalini energy and abilities are experienced as a natural way of being.  We have a lot of experience helping students and clients to integrate their own Kundalini Awakenings and we can help you do so as well, along with teaching you how to continue this integration on your own.

If you have not worked with us before, then it is best to book a free 15 minute appointment to discuss what you would like to achieve and for us to explain how we work.

The sessions generally last one and a half hours, although the first one can be longer as we take a history and clarify the issue you would like to work on. The cost of each healing therapy session is US$150. The button below can be used to pay for training and healing therapy sessions.