You can download the Manual that goes with this training here
Online Training Details
AHT now offers online training usually over skype both in the personal use of these techniques and the skills necessary to work as a therapist.

Information prior to training
The training is currently split into 4 modules. Rob teaches the first 2 modules and Thessa teaches the last 2 modules.  Below we describe the goals and material covered in each of the modules:

Module 1 – Tools for Self-Mastery – open to everyone

  • Gain advanced skills to heal emotional trauma including Sol Technique and Oneness Body Technique.
  • Learn the Basic Core Expression model of consciousness and how this relates to healing and personal transformation.
  • Gain an understanding and experience of your own Core Essence.
  • Learn methods to access and heal trauma blocking Core Expression, cialis including Funicular Technique and Reflection technique.
  • Increase energetic awareness including the development of shamanic defence skills.

Module 2 – AHT Therapist training – for people wanting to learn the AHT therapeutic skill set

  • Gain an advanced ability to heal trauma sensations in others.
  • Develop an understanding and ability to use the consciousness unification process.
  • Learn to heal in your own and someone else’s core.
  • Gain an understanding of AHT Therapist philosophy and suggested ways to work with clients using AHT.
  • Learn the method to copy advanced states of consciousness.

Modules 3 and 4

Whereas the first 2 modules are designed for those focusing on clearing themselves, pilule
living a calmer, more delightful life via Core Expression and learning the skills to help others do the same, modules 3 and 4 are designed for those who want to delve deeply into an experiential journey of self enquiry.

Each module is between 12 and 14 sessions.

Module 3 and 4 Goals

  • Advanced Self Mastery 80%, working with clients 20%
  • 25% of work done in class, 75% of work done outside of class
  • Clear Core trauma
  • Explore and learn to integrate the Trinity in relationship to an issue
  • Develop subtle healing skills via mentoring
  • Develop research skills
  • Develop and use HSP and Direct Perception in diagnosis and research
  • Gain access to and integrate the Void and the realms beyond the Void and learn to use them in the healing process
  • Develop the ability to freely navigate the model to find and heal any blockage beyond the use of techniques
  • Explore and transform identity via the process of self enquiry using the model as a tool

Module 3 (aka “The Magical Mystery Tour” or “Into The Deep”)
Material Covered

  • The Trinity
  • High Sense Perception + Direct Perception intro/exercises
  • Self healing in relation to Direct Perception and HSP improvement
  • Consciousness Unification Process – 3rd eye integration
  • HSP – trauma and diagnosis
  • Reflection Technique on Outside Influences
  • Copying a State/Inducing a State level II
  • Exploration of Core Essence using HSP
  • IMap introduction and overview

    Material Covered in Module 4

    • Ignition processes :
    1. Conception Ignition
    2. Heart Ignition
    3. Birth Ignition
    • I Map exploration and integration
    • Using the Void, Stillness and other ecstatic states of consciousness in healing
    • Tracking beyond the Void – contacting and integrating deeper dissolution states