Module 4 – Advanced Structural Self Inquiry

Deep Exploration of Identity, viagra buy Mapping and Research Skill Development

This takes the experience of self inquiry to new depths. Topics include:

  • Using the Void, find Stillness and other ecstatic states of consciousness in healing.
  • Using the Ignition processes as a base for developing Mapping skills, there Trinity Integration and Identity Transformation.
  • Conception Ignition
  • Heart Ignition
  • Birth Ignition
  • Tracking beyond the Void – contacting, integrating and fully embodying deeper dissolution states


“Enlightenment is a destructive process.
It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier.
Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth.
It’s seeing through the facade of pretence.
It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”
— Adyashanti

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What People are Saying About Alchemy Techniques

“Alchemy Techniques has given me solid navigation skills to deal with my emotional and physical terrain. Shadows that have run my life for eons have dissipated effortlessly, order
as  soon as I presence the Alchemy techniques.  This  seems to switch on the light of my consciousness and trust in myself to deal with whatever arises at a core level.  No more gurus, therapists or soothsayers!  My self confidence and inner purpose is so much stronger as a result, allowing me to go straight toward my hearts desire. With Alchemy techniques I feel I can deal with anything as well as access my  innate simple joy.”   Anu  Grace,  Waiheke Island NZ

“I have worked with many modalities over the years and wish I had found Alchemy Techniques first!   It is the most accessible avenue to me becoming genuinely at one with myself, then expressing me easily.  Simple, uncomplicated, the technology works without rules to facilitate the best way for you to work with yourself.”  David Wildish,  Auckland NZ

“I just wish to express my gratitude for you and your work and everything you stand for.  Yesterday I felt really good after our session and part of it is the energy that we share.  I feel so allowed to be me. And I feel that all the other people you are teaching this stuff to are in that same energy.  So its spreading like rings in the water. That is so nice.  Today I am meeting the same energy and I feel loved. What you are doing feels so right and I am lucky to be part of it.  This fortunate feeling is beautiful and powerful. Thank you.”  Betina Ekman,  Therapist, Denmark

“I wanted to share with you that shortly after we got offline (just after a session) I felt this amazing sensation like I have come home.  You probably hear that a lot but what a fabulous gift to give someone. Incredible! ”  C. Canale – Phoenix, Arizona

“Words do little to describe the unlimited potential Alchemy Techniques has unraveled within me. I am deeply grateful to Rob and Thessa both as they touched my soul and truly gave me permission to see myself in a way I will never forget – I feel truly transformed.”  Fleur Chetwynd – Devon, England

And what are People Saying about Structural Self Inquiry (Modules 3&4)?

“I was very excited to step on to module 3 and didn´t really know what to expect?
The fun and relaxed way Rob and Thessa taught during module 1 and 2  lead me into complete surrendering that when things got a bit confusing and hard to understand during especially module 3 I had full trust that eventually it would  come clear to me.
Today I see the importance of going that way.
It gave me even greater skills such as high sense perception that I thought were possible and I am really able to lead my clients today to certain places because of that. The results that I came out with, with my clients, are just amazing and I am overwhelmingly surprised every time I experience a client coming back to his or hers own true self.

My own healing during module 4 has had life changing results. I feel like a Merlin with a magic sword manifesting things that come sometimes as I say them! I channel with an amazing calmness, completely ego free. I go into my channel place and words come out.
No desire to analyze and no worry about the outcome.
I have doubled the number of clients since I started AHT.

I am daily pinching my arm to check if I am dreaming, because I am so happy and fulfilled. When I am driving my bike, sipping my coffee or watching my kids I am so grateful and feelings of pure joy like exhilarating fluids that run through my body with a tone of such peace at the same time is constantly reminding me of the great gratitude I hold to Alchemy Techniques.
I miss our sessions because of the way Rob and Thessa teach. It is with such fun and deep interest that they want to spread out their tools.
All my life I looked for people like them and both of them deserve my deepest respect and love.” Betina Ekman,  Therapist, Denmark

“I wish to express my sincere gratitude for what I have experienced while studying Alchemy Techniques:

I have come to a much deeper contact with, and unification of, the different parts of me. This has also let to  a deeper acceptance of what is in the now.

Module 3 seemed at times quite challenging, as I was working through traumas and new territory. With guidance and support both from Thessa and my partner Betina, it was uplifting as well.

Module 4 was a blessing for me. Now I find the healing tools much more simple and easy to use and obtain healings at a very deep level.

Thank you very much.  Namaste” – Kirsten Baden -Denmark


Two past Structural Self Inquiry Students have volunteered to speak with Alchemy Techniques students who are considering moving into Structural Self Inquiry.  If you would like to hear from another student regarding what to expect and what the difference is between the first 2 modules and the last 2 modules, then contact either Karsten Mottlau or Anne Hjollund for an intimate discussion of Structural Self Inquiry.

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If you have had an experience with Alchemy Techniques that you would like to share with others what this work is like and how it has affected you, then please enter your testimonial in the comments below and we will post it on this page.  Please include your name or initials and if you like also your location and/or occupation.  ~ In Gratitude! ~


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